As an expecting mother are you committed to creating a healthy, stress free pregnancy for you and your baby?  Are you looking for ways to create a deeper connection with your growing baby?

Integrated Massage of Dover has earned the reputation as the Seacoast Areas best place to go for prenatal massage!  Our prenatal therapists have a thorough understanding of the dramatic changes your body will go through leading up to childbirth.  Our unique massage gives your body what it needs while allowing you the emotional time to relax and connect with your growing baby.  Because you are so intimately connected to your child, massage is a positive thing not only for you, but its great for your baby too!  The hormonal benefits of massage will be passed onto your baby leaving you both feeling fantastic!

Single Session Pregnancy Massage

While being pregnant is truly a blessing,  it can also be one full of physical changes as your body adjusts in preparation for the birth of your baby. During this treatment, our prenatal specialists will address the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy and it will allow you time to relax and unwind.

Specialty pillows are used to make women in all stages of pregnancy comfortable.

Sixty Minutes: $75. Ninety Minutes: $100.

9 Months of Wellness:

Create a healthy environment for your growing baby by receiving massage regularly throughout your pregnancy. We will help support you and your changing body so you can feel your best through the 9 months of dramatic and amazing changes taking place.

Massage will help you stay more active, increase the quality of rests, and keep you calm and relaxed. As a result you will be more physically and emotionally prepared for your labor and the changes that motherhood will bring. This package includes 9 prenatal massage treatments, and attendance in one of our Infant Massage Classes for you and a partner.

Your total investment $595.

Mothering the Mother: Post-natal Massage

Pregnancy is a time of dramatic change for women, but so are the months following the birth of your baby. Not only does the body change quickly during this time, but the demands on your body will shift as well. Motherhood is amazing, but can also be an adjustment period for many women.
Our massage treatments will provide a space in which you will be cared for completely. Let go and let us take care of YOU. Post-natal treatments will focus on helping your body heal and recover from labor and then adjust to the physical demands of having a new baby at home.

At Integrated Massage and Family Wellness we truly honor and respect this sacred period in your life. Our treatments will leave you feeling refreshed, and relaxed so you can fully enjoy this magical time of motherhood.

Cost: Sixty Minutes: $75.00 Ninety Minutes: $100.00


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